oyg tdawg


Walking, seeing, but not really talking,                                                     

Child of a broken home, no father figure, streets got eyez, constantly stalking

Thinking, self-golden heart expression,

Hate/violence given in return for love manifestation

Smacked in the face, not met with warm embrace,

Bullet to the heart, not fully healed or recovered, simple fact of life to face

Life went by, more tears to the eyes, Lost loved ones, on the run, caged times, igniting the flames in my eyes

It’s due time, made a change, rearrange

My new book of life instead of pain, Resilience: Oyg Tdawg


About the author:

I’m a 36 yrs old Khmer Kampuchea Krom(khmer/Viet), born in can tho, Vietnam(a area that was part of the Angkor wat dynasty in 1200 a.d) in 1982 and currently resides in Lowell, MA. I’m a writer, poet, singer, and rapper released from incarceration in 2013. Oyg tdawg, my email is tdawgheng32@yahoo.com