Chha’nai Naah

Chanchettra Ly


(Khmer Version)

Ma chnam bhan kun long

            Neak Madai kum youm

Lok ah Phok kum phrouh

            Koun bhan khut khoum

Tham peak sum dhey

            Dhale Lok bhan pa’dam

Koun nuk qual’qai

            Nuck mhen cheyh choup

Chnai mao bphee p’theyh

            Nuck Ma’dai haey nung ah Phok

Som Lok kum bphrouy

            Koun nung da’lop mao venh

(English Version)

One year has passed

            Dearest mother, do not cry

Dearest father, do not worry

     I have strived hard to do my best and take heed of your words


I miss you and I worry about you

            I think of you often

I am far away from home

            Missing you, dear mother and father

Please do not worry

            I will return